Case Study : Human Hair Extensions

Author: Hamik Akhverdyan, Xi’an Summit Software Information Technology, Co. Ltd  

Company Name: EZJR Inc.

Company Information

EZJR Inc. is a S&P 500 publically traded company whose primary business is to improve the sales performance of brands, products and services through their proprietary E-commerce and Lead Generation platform.

Company History

After two years of handling lead generation and marketing for Her Imports Inc,  retailer of human hair extensions, EZJR purchased Exclusive U.S. rights Her Imports Trademark and purchase the company for over $10 million. With over 36 stores in 10 different countries all over the world, EZJR Inc. knew to grow the company they needed to put more work into their online sales, both in the United States and Internationally.

Company Products

Hair Extensions and accessories starting from $195 each and cost up to $300 each.

Accessories range from $29.99 to $59.99.

Company Product Website:


Company Social Media:

Company Goals

EZJR wanted to not only establish a social media presence, but to increase sales online at minimum 2X ROI

Advertising Networks Used

Facebook Ads and & Instagram Advertising

Campaign Goals: